Academy of Literacy converts the memory challenged into logic based learners.
Teaches the ALPHabetic Principle in a meaningful & predictable format.
Animated Letter Personalities each with a Habit that teaches their Tunes

ALPHabiTunes teaches the Alphabetic Principle in a format that makes the English Language meaningful and predictable.

Designed with Children in Mind

News Paper Boy It is apparent from research that early intervention (Pre-school, Kindergarten, Year One) holds the greatest hope for reducing the deleterious (harmful) effects of serious reading failure currently believed to impede up to 40% of all our students.

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ALPHabiTunes develops the crucial components of the Alphabetic Principle - comprehension and fluency beginning with the letters and their sounds by:

  • developing an understanding of how each letter’s shape reflects its sound(s) and orientation
  • identifying those letters that can say their own names as well as their sounds as 'vowels'
  • demonstrating the vital role that vowels play in the formation of 'syllables'
  • teaching how letters like ‘s’ and ‘x’ acquired the same alternate sound as a result of their ‘behaviour’
  • discovering why and how the letters ‘c’ and ‘g’ change their sounds to mimic the letters - 's’ and ‘j’ Letter A
  • solving the mystery of the letter Y – erroneous dubbed the ‘sometimes vowel’
  • explaining where and why the vowel E - mislabeled as the silent E - chooses to remain silent
  • understanding that words are made up of individual sounds - not a ‘pattern’ of letters
  • learning to match the number of sounds heard in a word to the corresponding number of letters i.e. 3 sounds = 3 letters - b u g = bug

Beginning Reading

TechGuy Backed by two - independent controlled studies
Why you need to be involved. more...

Back to the Basics

Blackboard Traditional Methods
…explicit phonics has not generally been included in graduate teaching curriculum for over 50 years. more...

Forward to the Fun

Forward ALPHabiTunes is a virtual teacher created by a virtuoso who has developed a systematic logical approach to teaching the fundamentals of literacy. more...

Systematic Design

Child Centered What is a Systematic Design?
Conversion of a literacy program with a 98% success rate that evolved over 30 years of working with the most challenged of learners.
Engineered and developed in-house in tandem with in-class real time teaching. more...

Phonemic Awereness

Associate What is Phonemic Awereness?
The lack of phonemic awareness is the most powerful determinant of the likelihood of failure to learn to read because of its importance in learning the English alphabetic system or how print represents spoken words. more...

Learning Style vs Learning Format

Boy with disk A learning style is the brain’s preference for receiving information.
A learning format is the brain’s operating system that processes information received. more...

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