Academy of Literacy converts the memory challenged into logic based learners.
Teaches the ALPHabetic Principle in a meaningful & predictable format.
Synopsis of Pedagogy

Synopsis of ALPHabiTunes’ Pedagogy

Although ALPHabiTunes appears to be a game, it is in fact a carefully choreographed program, designed to teach the basics forming the foundation of reading, spelling and writing success.

  • teaches the names and personalities of each of the consonants and vowels, the first step in learning to read and spell.
  • depicts letters’ shapes and sounds in a meaningful format that is memorable and sustainable as the learning is built on understanding – ‘why?’
  • targets children as young as four years old, who on average ask 437 questions a day. (Encyclopedia Brown’s Record Book Of Weird And Wonderful Facts – By Donald J. Sobol).
  • both negates the onset and remediates dyslexia, which is very common, affecting 20% of the population and represents 80–90 % of all those with learning disabilities.
  • teaches children how to correctly form each letter as they carefully trace the letters to assemble their own personalized alphabet.
  • will not allow the student to fail with its comprehensive remedial format.
  • teaches the basic blending skills used to build and decode words with its one-sound-one-letter-in-the-order-heard approach implemented in the piano game.
  • captures children’s imagination with letters’ antics, motivating them to persevere, despite the fact they must master each concept before proceeding forward.
Dyslexia: People with dyslexia have trouble matching the letters they see on the page with the sounds those letters and combinations of letters make.