Academy of Literacy converts the memory challenged into logic based learners.
Teaches the ALPHabetic Principle in a meaningful & predictable format.
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
  • How much time do I need to spend with the child on the computer?
    None! However, most children derive great joy in showing parents a favorite scene or activity.
  • Am I required to help the child with the program?
    No! In fact, helping a child with ALPHabiTunes negates the program’s function as a teacher.
  • Can I control the level of learning?
    No! ALPHabiTunes constantly monitors a child’s ongoing progress and adjust the teaching accordingly.
  • How much time does the child need to spend on the computer at one sitting?
    There is no set time. Children love to play on ALPHabiTunes.
  • How can I stop the child from just racing through the program?
    You do not need to! Built in assessments during play and at the end of the four modules control the child’s progression.
  • What age of child can benefit from the program?
    From preschool, up to grades five or six and beyond, depending upon the child. ALPHabiTunes seems to appeal to most children irrespective of their age.
  • How do I know if the child is learning?
    Printable progress reports and I.E.P.’s (Individual Educational Profiles) are compiled as the child moves through the program.
  • Can other children play with the program?
    No – not unless the child is also licensed as the learning profile, for who the program is licensed, will be compromised.
  • Does the computer bookmark where the child left off when the program is closed down?
    Yes! The child will be returned to the exact point where the program was exited.
  • Are there any parent follow-up activities required?
    No! Parents can be involved with follow-up activities as little or as much as they wish. Black-line masters and suggestions for follow-up activities are included in the Parent’s Resource Manual.
  • What happens when the child has gone through the whole program?
    Just as children love to have parents reread their favorite storybook, once the child comes to the end of the program, s/he can revisit favorite stories or games, play games omitted or begin/continue blending words in the piano game.
  • Is the program for beginning readers only?
    No! Research shows that all children can benefit from phonemic awareness, and therefore all children, even those who are already reading, can benefit from the program.
  • Has the program been tried in the schools?
    Yes! ALPhabiTunes was the subject of to two independent controlled studies carried out in the Greater Victoria School District, B.C. Canada. Look at ALPHabiTunes’ controlled study
  • How does the learning fit with the school curriculum?
    ALPHabiTunes adheres to the criteria prescribed by the research community and mandated by the U.S. Government‘s in its legislative Bill “No Child Left Behind”.
  • Can the child play independently with the program?
    Yes! ALPHabiTunes is designed/and proven to be an effective teaching program where the child learns directly from the computer and is held accountable for that learning. Activities provided in the Parent’s Resource Manual can be used to facilitate the transfer of learning to the printed page and aid in holding the child accountable for learning gained on the computer.
  • How long is the program licensed for?
    The program is licenses for a period of one year.
  • What is the company’s refund policy?
    Software is not refundable. A demo is made available for viewing prior to purchasing.
  • Do you have to be on the internet to play the program?
    Yes! In order to play on ALPHabiTunes you must login, which requires internet connection.