Academy of Literacy converts the memory challenged into logic based learners.
Teaches the ALPHabetic Principle in a meaningful & predictable format.
Debug the Mystique



After viewing the workbook pages of the last six decades (as shown on our Back to the Basics page), ask yourself how well they address the needs of today's learners?

  • Has the technology of delivering lessons moved with the times?
  • Do pictures reflect changes in society?
  • Has the language been kept current?
  • Is the fill-in-the-blank approach to learning different from 60 years ago?
  • Is "back to the basics" the panacea for the future? OR
    a recycling of discarded teaching techniques?

To survive, bugs must stay ahead of every new development. Has education kept pace with even the bugs in staying ahead of today's challenges?
Bug's can not afford to look back. ----- CAN WE?
A bug's eye view
Bug's View 1
Bug's View 2
Bug's View 3
Clearly looking back wasn't the solution for the farmer, nor is it the solution for future learners who are facing the information explosion.
Lifelong learners need to look forward to the fundamentals.