Academy of Literacy converts the memory challenged into logic based learners.
Teaches the ALPHabetic Principle in a meaningful & predictable format.
the Highly Effective Learning Process

Highly recommended by users, educators and learners themselves because

  • the program succeeds where traditional methods have failed;
  • students understand literacy concepts they have previously failed to comprehend;
  • parents find a solution to their children's literacy problems;
  • educators feel that the process should be available to all learners.

(testimonials and letters of endorsement)

Hffective for learners of all ages, cultures and learning styles because the program

  • makes up to 90% of written English logical to the learner;
  • imbues letters with meaningful personalities;
  • uses a system of analysis that allows learners to use their own knowledge base to self-check and self correct their own learning.

(statistics and student profiles)

Hearning is expedited because the program

  • uses the learners' own knowledge to master abstract concepts of literacy;
  • allows users to apply critical analytical thinking to unfamiliar words;
  • replaces the dependence on memory with analogic thinking.

Hrocess is needed to replace memory-dependent teaching in order to ensure that

  • everyone is able to read, write and spell effectively;
  • job seekers will be life long learners and ready to deal with multiple job changes;
  • those now labelled learning disabled are taught effectively;
  • the needs of at-risk learners are met before they become disabled learners.