Academy of Literacy converts the memory challenged into logic based learners.
Teaches the ALPHabetic Principle in a meaningful & predictable format.
PhonKnowLedgy’s Inception
The Inception of

The Remedial Reading system that has come to be known as, PhonKnowLedgy was developed by Mrs. Pringle while teaching in the public school system and was taught for eight years as a Remedial Reading Program in Cranbrook, B.C.

Over the last fifty years the program has evolved, which is clearly evident in the current ALPHabiTunes App, when compared to the original alphabet created when Mrs. Pringle first began teaching, and presently still adorns the wall in the A.W.A.R.E. Teaching Center in Victoria, B.C.

Reading instructions may not have changed since World War II, but as Dr. Cameron’s controlled study of ALPHabiTunes confirms, the A.W.A.R.E. system that Mrs. Pringle pioneered in Cranbrook in 1969, has revolutionized reading instruction.

Freshly out of University with no prior teaching experience in the classroom, Mrs. Pringle’s remedial reading approach came under scrutiny from the district’s Remedial Reading Supervisor, who was pressuring her to conform to the format used by the other three Remedial Reading Teachers with classroom experience.

Given Remedial Reading was being pioneered in District #2, the Remedial Teachers were required to report to the School District’s Superintendent for assessment, as to the merits of providing a ‘Remedial Reading Program’.

When Mrs. Pringle presented her Remedial Reading Program, the Superintendent Harry Sayers equated it to the International Teaching Alphabet, but better, as the students don’t have to make the translation back to the Traditional Alphabet.

In lieu of Mrs. Pringle success, when she left District #2 in 1976 to teach in Victoria, B.C., she was the only one, of then nineteen Remedial Reading Teachers, permitted to use her own program.

Twenty-seven years ago, in 1991 Mrs. Pringle set up the A.W.A.R.E. Teaching Center, where parents, educators and professionals brought their children for remedial reading, upon which the programs, ALPHabiTunes and PhonKnowLedgy continued to evolve.