Academy of Literacy converts the memory challenged into logic based learners.
Teaches the ALPHabetic Principle in a meaningful & predictable format.
Testimonials and Endorsement



In the last 5 months my son has begun to truly learn how to read and spell (after four years of struggling in school). Barb teaches these kids "how-to" process. That in itself opens up a world of learning.
(Mother of Orion age 11)

Eric's inability to read resulted in poor behaviour. Now he is free to excel in his school work.
(Parents of Eric age 8)

Barb Pringle's unique method of processing words has enabled our daughter to become a reader.
(Parents of Jenny age 11)

Amanda has improved skills and confidence which enabled her to read as well as an average grade 3 student. We enthusiastically recommend this unique program for other students.
(Mother of Amanda age 9)

Kim approaches school work in a calmer manner. The lessons with Barb are a positive reinforcement for Kim's self-esteem. She knows she's not alone any longer with this difficult struggle to achieve scholastic success.
(Mother of Kim age 15)


Thanks so much for helping me through the year! When I first started I couldn't spell. Now that you have helped me I can spell so much better and like reading a lot more.
(Danica age 11)

The experience has been wonderful. My mother and I were playing Scrabble a few nights ago and for the first time ever I won. I couldn't believe it. All I did was use the techniques Mrs. Pringle taught me. I would recommend the program to anyone experiencing difficulties reading, spelling, or pronouncing English.
(Bhushan Age 18)

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